Executive Producer of a three-part documentary television series illuminating the magical and wonderful world of children and their musical talents and expression. Winner of the prestigious Peabody® Award for broadcasting. Over 500 children participated in the making of the series which featured documentary interviews, home movies and concerts around the United States and at the Jazz Educators Association conference in New York City featuring Chick Corea.  Leslie presented free screenings with live-concert presentations at Carnegie Hall (sponsored by the NAMM Foundation in partnership with the Wallace Foundation and Music for All) and in seven other cities for hundreds of school groups and educators. The show in its 10th year on HBO® and HBO®Family channels and on demand services.


The Music in Me: Children’s Recitals

These kids play from the heart. HBO® asked young musicians from all corners of the U.S. to send in videotapes of the music they play. The joyful result is 'The Music in Me,' the first of three HBO Family documentary specials that profile young musicians, ages 7 to 11, each from a different musical and cultural tradition. Check your local listings at HBOGO.com.

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The Music in Me: A Family Special

HBO® asked young musicians from all over the U.S. to send in videotapes of the music they play. The joyful result is this refreshing look at kids from diverse cultural backgrounds, each playing the music they love. Among the young people who are introduced are: 11-year-old Neidin, a tin whistle player; 10-year-old Tony, a jazz pianist; and 11-year-old Maddie, a fiddle player.

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The Music in Me: The Leopards Take Manhattan - The Little Band That Roared

Prepare for a fun-filled, emotional journey with 52 young musicians from a variety of backgrounds! This delightful film--the final installment in HBO's acclaimed 'The Music in Me' specials--profiles the young members of the Louisville Leopard Percussionists as they embark on a trip from their Kentucky home to the Big Apple.


2006 Peabody Awards Acceptance Speech